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Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is the pinnacle of decorative finishing in the epoxy world. It is suitable for all types of projects such as condos, businesses, homes, offices, etc. At Varanco, we strive for excellence and a variety of color choices. We are constantly evolving, and this product is one of them.

Vinyl flake

Vinyl flakes are one of the best combinations of aesthetic finish, safety and performance. They provide your epoxy or polyaspartic coating with additional strength while ensuring slip resistance. It's one of the most popular choices in residential, and with new technologies making colors more concrete-like, that won't change anytime soon.


The micro-concrete by Finitec is a high-quality solution designed for repairs and finishing projects in various construction fields. It offers exceptional strength and excellent adhesion on a variety of surfaces, while allowing for easy and precise application. With its special formula, this micro-concrete is ideal for tasks requiring great precision and a neat finish, thus providing a reliable and durable solution for construction and renovation projects.

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